Brain Stem/Limbic System

Fight or flight… or sleep. The human “animal brain” that controls vital body functions. Motor sensory regulation: basic attention, consciousness, posture, sensory analysis, sleep, and arousal, as well as the central nervous system activity (breathing, heart beat, blood pressure). Near the top of the brain stem is the limbic system or “emotional brain.” Controls primal emotions (fear, pleasure, grief), behavior, memory, and the sense of smell.

Brain Stem: Sleep and awareness

Liquidated fate halfway between help and hope finds the Pillow Queen. She looks at her fortune cookie: moo shu pork and pearl toothed girls. In twilight gray, she swims a bicycle through orange blossom skies. Circular magic and metonymy brush and linger, so feral beneath so much flesh. I sleep. I dream. I write.

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