Frontal Lobe

Welcome to the personality! Executive functions and emotional control: reasoning, decision making, consequence recognition, planning, problem solving, language and parts of speech, drive, movement, judgment, impulse control and inhibition, emotions, social and sexual behavior, and the retention of long-term memory.

Reasoning and drive:

Like sponges we absorb earth energy, beauty, language, spirit, wildness, craziness, ecstasy, everything that makes us come alive. We are the drivers of our own destiny—my own, in a 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 with air shocks in the back. Wind and salt air whipping through my “I don’t give a damn” hair. I’ve got no one to impress on this trip through life, not really. I mean, it’s great to have friends along for the ride, kindred travelers who might chip in for a six of beer, but not for show--never at the expense of authentic self.

We’re absorbing different things, all of us sponges. Maybe, and then again, maybe not. Some of us absorb, some hold and release, and others just suck.

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