Frontal Lobe

Welcome to the personality! Executive functions and emotional control: reasoning, decision making, consequence recognition, planning, problem solving, language and parts of speech, drive, movement, judgment, impulse control and inhibition, emotions, social and sexual behavior, and the retention of long-term memory.

Actions, consequences, problem solving:

I remember… how I felt when I sold my first story, how I felt when I first saw my name in print. Part of me zips back there now and again and feels refreshed, narcissistic bubbles of joy rising to the top of a cold glass of good champagne.

I don’t remember… everything that was on my hard drive before it crashed. It’s probably sitting now on a rubbish pile, another computer carcass.

I remember… there were photos.

But I don’t remember which ones. I don’t remember how much of my creative note taking was after the one and only backup. I don’t’ remember a lot of things. How can I bear to pick up and recreate and/or not recreate the information? No, it was creative energy that was contained on that damaged, clicking drive as it spat and spurred in my computer. Smoked and flipped me the bird before it died. Computing without a backup is like having sex without protection—big, potentially hazardous consequences. You think nothing will happen, the rhythm method of computing.

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