Temporal Lobe

What is the sound of one hand clapping? Wait, what did you say? Auditory processing (sensation and perception), visual perception, selective attention to auditory and visual input, semantics in speech and vision (assigning meaning to symbols), formation of memory, language development and processing (comprehension, naming, verbal memory), complex visual recognition (faces, for example).

Formation of memory:

Carson Hot Springs, Washington.

We four arrive, giddy. The four sisters—three of us and Mom. We strip naked, throwing off stress, strain, crying babies, crushing debt, depression. The sulfur soothes us. I hear our bath attendant running the tubs. We are alone, laughing, each of us plunking down into the warmth of ancient earth water. The original claw foot tubs from 1923, rusty pipes bring us the mineral water, we adjust the faucets, allowing the cool water to mix with the hot, each of us preferring our own special mix: warm, hot, tepid. The white curtains close. We whisper after another woman comes in, but we own this side of the room, our sisterhood of water, of family, our shared pain washed away in different ways, as unique as our bath temperatures. Moist happy faces, giggles to sulfur, mineral, steam, family.

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