Temporal Lobe

What is the sound of one hand clapping? Wait, what did you say? Auditory processing (sensation and perception), visual perception, selective attention to auditory and visual input, semantics in speech and vision (assigning meaning to symbols), formation of memory, language development and processing (comprehension, naming, verbal memory), complex visual recognition (faces, for example).

Meaning in symbols:

Although a pear, although a pear, although a pear sweet on the tongue, forbidden and wild. Growing up, I wished to fit in, to blend like the other fruits, to be inside the fence. But today I am glad. I would not change my color any more than my name; it is part of me, close as blistered skin. From my spot near the garden I am free to grow and bear fruit. Mother smiles at me, her hands covered in the rich black earth, rich black earth, my roots dig in. Mother reaches up to me and I hand her one of my perfectly ripe red pears.

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