Brain Stem/Limbic System

Fight or flight… or sleep. The human “animal brain” that controls vital body functions. Motor sensory regulation: basic attention, consciousness, posture, sensory analysis, sleep, and arousal, as well as the central nervous system activity (breathing, heart beat, blood pressure). Near the top of the brain stem is the limbic system or “emotional brain.” Controls primal emotions (fear, pleasure, grief), behavior, memory, and the sense of smell.

Limbic: The Death of a Home

Before Thanksgiving dinner, my father loads all of his boxes into the back of a U-Haul truck. We ate quietly, I remember, deliberately. I watched the door, worried that someone or something might throw it open and spill the essence of home into the night air. Nothing would be left but the empty shell of house, nothing to replace home, replace him, replace the family that died that night. 10909 E. Boone, the physical address forever burned into the gray matter of my brain. 10909 E. Boone, the red pear tree and Mother’s garden. 10909 E. Boone and the idea of 10909 E. Boone that died that night.

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