Occipital Lobe

Everything looks so green! Visual movement, meaning, and processing (color, understanding, interpretation, categorization). Damage in these lobes could lead to color or movement agnosia (loss of recognition ability) and agraphia (total or partial inability to write, physical writer’s block).

Interpretation, visual movement and meaning:

White grief, a deep wound threatens to swallow me whole. White hot rage. I am consumed, blind and deaf. White light moon dips into the sea, dropping like a petal from heaven, hovers unsure above the horizon, weightless for just a moment before being swallowed whole and without a name. That wet moon rises over Hilo Bay, brilliant black Tahitian pearl, illuminated bruise in the sky. This is the sister moon, the quiet new moon, understated and bulging with possibility. I stare through the matchstick blinds and listen to the rain pelt the roof. Sister new moon winks at me, reminds me to plant a garden and write.

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