Parietal Lobe

Where are we and how did we get here? Movement, orientation, integration and perception of the senses, visual functions (attention and mapping), spatial awareness, multitasking, navigation, visual mapping, knowledge of numbers and mathematics, manipulation of objects.

Sensory integration, perception, visual mapping:

Six Shots, Sacred Geometry of Mind-

Take 1
A round ass is a beautiful thing and thatís all I got to say about that.

Take 2
Biking through time, breathing angels, exhaling peace.  My muse rides a Schwinn.

Take 3
My mind stretches back over jasmine oceans and hot curried wind to the desert of Rajasthan. 
Tile worked beauty, individual pieces pressed into the white body of the Taj 
for the love of God and a dying Queen Mumtaz.

Take 4
I want the peach.  Peach, peach!  I see peach and want, want the peach.  And some green tea too.

Take 5
Eye see you; I see sand and sail.

Take 6
Through the back night of my day, no thought to thought, autopilot swirling blackness 
and then I find the pen.  My mind finds its place, driving deep into the vast light of being.

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