Writing to Process Life and Rewire the Noggin

What does the creative spirit look like after a brain injury? How does one move forward? In this short book of wonders, Piper Selden examines just that: how the brain is wired or has been rewired through life experience: trauma, disease, exposure, emotion, other people. Any and all of it.

Brain Mapping is a creative exploration of the ever-changing terrain of mind, an expression of creative spirit in all its dimensions. Life moments are mapped to parts of the human brain with pieces of creative self-writing: memories, delusions, and bits of brain fluff. Piper admits that peeling back the past to understand the now can be uncomfortable, messy work. "But if we don't look at what we find, how can we transform? How can we grow and move forward?" This book is an attempt to answer those questions, a discovery of self through recovery and writing. "Welcome to my brain," Piper tells her readers. "Please bus your table when you leave."


 Innovations in First-Year Composition

Beyond the Frontier: Innovations in First-Year Composition is a compilation of the latest research in first-year composition presented at, and inspired by, the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association's "Beyond the Frontier" panels. The book is divided similarly into panels, with the editors having collected a sampling of the composition practices that will stand the test of time. The purpose of the book is to present the reader with innovative methods and techniques for incorporation into the first-year composition classroom, or simply to provide food for thought - passing the torch, as it were - so that new research can be conducted and new findings disseminated. The division of the book mimics the panels one would typically find on a particular day during the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference, providing the reader with a taste of what it's like to be in the room with first-year composition scholars.

Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.”  ― Salman Rushdie

Serenity House, Room 114. Hidden on a hillside among Santa Barbara’s majestic coastal oaks. The slick ad reads like a vacation destination. It is not. Serenity House is a hospice facility, a place people go when they can no longer live at home. It’s a place people go to die... READ MORE


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