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Lost Notice: Route 66

This writing comes from a visual prompt in Saturday Salon, a writing group I help to admin. Prompt A was a picture from inside Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner. Prompt B was to imagine your life as a player in a game with the time or era chosen by the player. I chose the first prompt, and did a zoom in on the sign.

Not my normal fare, but I couldn't resist the weird visual and what popped into my brain, a "what if" kind of thing.

Mr. D'z Diner Route 66 (visual prompt)

Close-up of sign from visual prompt

To Whom It May Concern:

My fellow Route 66 travelers!

I lost something of value somewhere between the Tower Conoco Gas Station in Shamrock, Texas, and a barbeque joint near Devils Elbow, Missouri (see details below). I know that’s a big stretch of Route 66 and that this is a longshot, but I thought I’d put this notice out into the ether and see what happens. No harm in trying. Right?

I might have left the item on the table at Rusty’s on 66, just off State Spur 556, where I flipped a coin for my lunch, deciding between the famed Rusty Burger or the buffalo chicken pizza. (In case you’re curious, it landed heads, so I had the burger and shelled out an extra $3.99 for crinkle fries. No regrets!) It could also have been Mr. D’z in Kingman, Arizona, but I remember from the sign that they are absolutely NOT responsible for items left or lost there. The windows were down, so honestly, it could have flown out along the road, but I think I would have noticed.

Now, if you’re still reading, I thank you. If the item is found, there will be meager reward. We can negotiate the terms with my employer, who is most eager for the item in question to be returned. One last stop along my route was the Sweetwater’s BBQ, west of Rolla and headed toward Springfield, IL. I had the most glorious lunch of pulled pork with a side of slaw. I’d say heavenly, but oh! I am already in so much trouble, and it is not my nature to blaspheme. It was shortly thereafter, a belly full of pork and maybe a bit buzzy from the beers the Harley Davidson bikers bought me, that I noticed that the book was missing.

Yes, it is a small, black book, pocket-sized, which is where it should have been, but I took it out in stages along my trip, snooping as I should not have been. Time is of the essence to find the book, so if you do see it, please phone or text me at (808) 555-6666. You can also reach me on Discord chat @BelialsBestie.

MISSING! Book of the Damned

Thank you for your help, friends. If you do find the book, you can check to see if your name is inscribed there and scratch it out as my personal thank you for its return. The Book of the Damned, as my employer calls it, may be slightly warm to the touch. Fear not. The souls therein are safely contained. No harm shall come to you.

Warmest of Warm Regards,

D.R. Baneful

Demetrius R. Baneful, Demonclass 4*

*recently demoted for gross incompetence and conduct unbecoming of a Watcher

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