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Writing With Students: Chicabunga!

Prompt: Write a story about an adventure chicken whose dream it is to go bungee jumping. (7 Minutes)

Goldie thought about it a lot, especially in the pre-dawn hours when all the hens were cooped up and roosting in the chicken hut. It wasn't one of those fancy coops with flip open latch doors for the nesting boxes or even a ramp to walk down. It was a piece of chicken poo four-sided shack the man and his son had put together in a single weekend when the boy was doing merit badges for Scouts.

And still... although Goldie was confined--a prisoner, really, in this egg-laying half-life--the man and his son could not cage her imagination, which was free! So, she traveled in her dreams, tied bungees around her scaly, yellow chicken feet, and jumped.

Off the Niouc Bridge in Switzerland, the Macau Tower in China, and the Kawarau Suspension Bridge Bungy in New Zealand where it all began, the first commercial bungee site. In her favorite dream, AJ Hackett would be there. Yes, the AJ Hackett, along with her animal fans: crowds of sheep and yellow-eyed penguins cheering from the land and pods of Hector's dolphins leaping in the blue water below. Goldie was famous in these dreams. She'd be perched on a rail, then off into thin air, suddenly flying! She could actually feel the cool rush of wind as it blew through her feathers.

"Cockadoodledoo!" the rooster cried. "Wake up, ladies!"

Goldie adjusted herself on the wooden roosting bar and shook herself awake. She could sense dawn now and would soon hear the boy's footsteps, coming to open the door and fill their feeder. Some day, she thought. Some day I will go for real.

But first, I need to lay this egg.

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