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Writing With Students: Milly, the Arctic Rhino

Prompt: Write a story about an arctic rhinoceros who shops at your local grocery or retail store. What does it buy? Tell about the rhino's shopping habits. (7 minutes)

Milly shops at Walmart. She's not a fancy rhino. There's a proper list she makes when she goes out on Thursdays because that's the day odd-toed ungulates receive a 20% in-store discount.

Milly buys a lot of sarongs at Walmart. Her friends tell her that "sarongs are so right" because really they are the only thing Milly can wear. It's hot for her, and even though she has lived in Hawaii for many years, she is still an arctic rhino. Rare, indeed!

Referring always to her list to avoid impulse shopping, Milly picks up another sarong, a beautiful pink number with tiny white hibiscus flowers that are only visible up close. She's wearing it now. Can you see? She puts a box of generic dog biscuits in the shopping wagon for her pup and some Temptations kitty treats in seafood medley flavor for her cat, who is much pickier about brand named snacks than her dog.

Moving over to the grocery section of the store, Milly picks up 39 pounds of avocados. She is trying to diet and heard that avocados are good on the keto plan. Although she hates dieting with a passion brighter than a thousand suns, Milly is trying to reverse some of the stress-eating weight she's gained during quarantine.

You guessed it. I'm Milly. :)

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Pamela Thatcher
Pamela Thatcher
May 23, 2020


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