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Let's Not Wait

It’s rough out there. Truth be told, it’s rough inside here too. We’ve been through (and are still experiencing) a collective trauma, and people all over the world are suffering. It’s made me hyper aware of my time, how I want to spend it and with whom…

I’d like to take a moment to thank my circle of family and friends for being such an important part of my life. And while I understand that human beings are hardwired as social creatures—seeking both intimacy and connection—I find it more and more challenging to engage deeply with shallow, uninterested, or temporary people.

Touching mind, body, and spirit is a sacred kind of work, and there’s not a second more that I want to waste on half-assed anything. That’s my effort, moving forward: honoring and strengthening the bonds that connect us as a community.

So please, I invite you to celebrate with me this month, my birthday month, and beyond. Bring on the love and care! Eat good food. Embrace your friends. Drink a glass of wine, and chase it with two glasses of water. Zoomers with those at a distance—your mom and sisters or your chosen family. Laugh and cry and make love and listen to music and create art and help someone and moonbathe and read a book and smile at a stranger and hug a tree and pet a cat and pet a dog too for good measure.

Let’s love each other with more depth and compassion. Let’s watch more peachy-pink sunsets and not wait another minute to say I love you. 💕

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